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Centre For Education's first Department i.e. Dept of English earlier it's name was the institute of Spoken English ws established in the year 1977 May 9, had merged with Centre For Education in the year 1988 i.e. on 8-8-88.


Several Courses Established
English Speaking Course conducted & ran Sudeep Kr. Sen from 1977-78 later by Sri. K. Sumeet from 1978-88.
Russia Language Teaching was continued.
Chartered Accountant Foundation course was conducted successfully.
1985 : Institute of Spoken English Youth Cell (ISEYC) was established the year 1988 to 2000 later Youth Cell (An Org. youth for Social Awareness & Development was established & Registered.)
1986 : Youth Cell Started its regular free Quiz classes for the youth of the Society & continuing.


On 8-8-88 Centre For Education was established and shifted to it's newly constructed Bldg. at Pepee Compound, Ranchi on 3-10-1988 & was inaugurated by Ex. MLA of Ranchi Late Nani Gopal Mitra.
The Centre was established with the joint effort of Shri K. Sumeet & Smt. C. Mishra & later a managing committee as the Hony. Board of Director was formed and many eminent, with high profile people were associated.

1988 Deptt. of English & Personality Development course was estabished under the course Directorship of Shri K. Sumeet.
1988 Many more short courses as Yoga, Music & Painting classes were established
1989 Health & Aerobics Course was conducted under the control of Smt. C. Mishra.
1989 Mining Surveyor & Foreman of DGMS based was continued under Sri. H. K. Narayan Ex. Dy. CME CCL.
1990 Electronics Engineer of IETE Diploma course was continued under Mr. Dayal Engineer, MECON.
1991 Centre started its Auditing work by recognised C.A Shri N. K. Kejriwal & Co.
1992 "Learn to Earn" become the slogan of C.ED.
1993 Dept of Beauty Science Diploma based course was established first time in Bihar in the form of college under the course Directorship of Smt. C. Mishra.
1994 Deptt. of Fashion Designing Diploma based course was established under the course Directorship of Smt. Nina Gupta, first time in Bihar.
1994 Centre was declared to be the charitable Institution /Autonomous University under which 12A & 80G Certificate was granted by IT Act of 1961.
1994 Center started getting the Govt. financial grants for training the tribal candidates.
1994 Center had converted it's Student Council into Social Welfare Division.
1994 Center became the recepient of Maximum Blood Donors Award from Red Cross, Ranchi.
1995 Centre began to publish it's most popular Souvenir in the name of Effort.
1995 Annual Convocation & Annual Cultural programme begins.
1995 Centre began to present the Award in the name "The Most Prestigious CED. Award" to such person who's dedicated his/her life for the betterment of the society, particularly in Jharkhand.
1996 Dept. of cosmetics Science was established.
1996 Centre started Educational/Excursion Trip to visit India every year along with students & Staffs.
1997 C. Ed. established another Deptt. in nthe name of Department of Computer Science under the course Directorship of Shri K. Sumeet.
1997 Centre constructed it's 2nd Buildng beside it's existing Block.
1997 Centre provided Bus facilities for the students coming from remote area by it's newly purchased Bus.
1997 Centre established it's several activities under different wings i.e. Professional Study Divn., Community Polytechnic Divn., Social Welfare Divn., Souvenir committee, Cultural Activities Committee.
1997 Centre has organised Late Prof. H.C. Mishra Gold Medal Award for P.G. Toppers in Chemistry on behalf of Ranchi University under the guidance of Mrs. C. Mishra W/o Late Prof. H. C. Mishra.
1997 CED established it's frst Polytechnic Division with Chanho Polytechnic Divn. under co-ordination of Mr. Shehabuddin.
1998 A New Department i.e. Deptt. of Paramedical Science started under the course Directorship of Dr. A.K. Agrawal.
1999 Itki Polytechnic Division Started.
1999 Women wing of Social Welfare Division was established.
2001 Centre has established a placement cell in the name of C. Ed. Job Bank.
2002 Centre has established its first Branch at Kanke Road in the name of "Vedaansh" Centre for Education under the Management of Mrs. C. Mishra.
2002 C. Ed. has acquired a plot at Kanke Road for it's future development.
2002 C. Ed. has established it's 3rd Polytechnoic Division at Tikli Tola & vConstructed its own Community Hall for rural people.
2002 Celebrating the journey of 25 yrs. Silver Jubilee.