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We appeal to Individuals, Organisations, Agencies and the Govt. of State and Central as well. For financial assistance to our forthcoming project for the treatment of Thalassaemic patients of the country in general and the backward region of Jharkhand in particular.

It has been decided to establish Thalassaemia Research Institute & Rehabilitation Centre in the State of Jharkhand for Prevention, Care, Management, Rehabilitation, Education and Treatment of Thalassaemic Patients.

The institution will provide Accommodation, Diet, Nutrition and Entertainment to the patient suffering from this disease. This is probably the first centre to undertake such a noble task. But we cannot fulfill the dream unless benevolent hands are extended toward this cause.

K. Sumeet
Hony. Director
Centre For Education

We are determine to turn the above fact in reality, indeed it shall be a pride of Jharkhand and Nation both. We expect the positive response both with Physical & Financial support for this noble cause.

Please do favour us.